DH has no idea what Coach costs!


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Jun 17, 2007
I am wondering if anyone else has a DH or BF like this....this has happened to me twice now. Two or three years ago, my husband gave me a gift card for $100 for Coach. I used it towards the price of a wallet. He thought it covered the whole price, and I didn't correct him. A few days ago, for my birthday, he gave me a $50 gift card. I said "oh goody, I'll put that towards the bag that I want." He said "towards?" And I said "yes, the price is more than that but I'll use this and the birthday money I received towards it." At that point he looked at me kind of funny, and it hit me.....I think he thinks Coach purses are really expensive, like $100. If he knew that my last few bags were closer to $400-$500, I think he'd die!

(Don't clue him in, please!):nogood:
Jul 5, 2007
Oh oh... But wait where does he get them? If he were to walk into the COACH store and not look at any of the prices?? Well as long as he does not start getting you bags from the flee market thinking that they are the same:Push:


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Jun 13, 2007
haha, my DH goes into Coach with me, i can't hide anything from him! i remember he bought my first bag for me and asked me to open it in front of him, just so he could see what a $200 bag looked like. men are so funny sometimes.


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Feb 26, 2008
I have a coworker that I discussed this with and he thought they were no more than $100 also... he asked to hold it and check out the leather on the bag and what not when he found out they were a lot more expensive!

Only benefit if he was a TAD more clued in is that you might get a bigger gift card amount haha!


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LOL... no my DH is well AWARE of how much Coach costs. Thank god he has no interest in looking at the bank or credit accounts. He also often thinks I went major shopping even on the days I did returns. Like last Sunday when I returned the Thompson tote and 2 Tiffany bracelets, I came back with the Bleecker canvas tote I decided to keep and he thought it was a new bag.

However, I had a similar experience when I came home with my first LV. I initially went to get a Gucci wallet (after he had a mini-heart attack when my first Gucci came in the mail, I got that one for a steal at $815) and after crappy service went over to LV and bought my first speedy, I liked Debbie my SA. THEN I treated myself to a $50 dinner at The Melting Pot since DH doesn't like to go. When I walked in with the LV he almost had a heart attack. I just laughed since compared to what I paid for the last couple Coach I had bought at the time the $600 was cheap (think Lily and the Felicias).

Once he realized it was only $600 he calmed down. Isn't that just too funny! He really thought the the LV was more than $1000 and was pleased it was only $600. Can you believe that?
Nov 24, 2006
^^So true! I hope I can find someone like that! :P My father also has no idea what those things cost, but the downside is that he is a tightly frugal person all around, so asking him to donate that kind of money for bags is not possible. Sigh...:girlsigh:


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Feb 8, 2007
Yea I keep telling him I won't trade him in for a newer model! LOL...

He is just one of those men who could care less where any of it goes as long as
1) food in the fridge
2) lights on in the house
3) MOST important, his Xbox360 is in working condition!
:yahoo: :roflmfao: yes, Dr. Laura says, men are simple, make him a sandwich and have sex! He'll be happy!


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Aug 2, 2006
My DH actually started my Coach obsession.. when I would complain about the prices and/or look at other leather bags (fossil, etc) he would say "I would rather you spend more money and get a nice Coach bag" boy does he regret those days! :roflmfao: No actually he is such an enabler and always wants me to get everything I want.. he would be the one to say want to go to the Coach outlet this weekend? when it is almost 2 hours away.. with 3 kids. :nuts: He is a great guy. :tender:


Jan 25, 2006
My hubby knows exactly how much they are. Im sure it bothers him but he lets me do my thing no questions asked. Other than......Shheesh you changed purses again?" LOL!


Jul 9, 2007
Oh oh... But wait where does he get them? If he were to walk into the COACH store and not look at any of the prices?? Well as long as he does not start getting you bags from the flee market thinking that they are the same:Push:
Oh, yeah - the average guy is very capable of walking in and getting a gift card and not look at ANYTHING else! Or, he's discovered as my DH has, that he can just go online and order the giftcard and he doesn't have to even go into the store!!


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Jun 2, 2007

my Dh definitely knows the prices but hey, it's my money..lol...we both contirbute to a joint account which pays for everything then, we have our own money. of course i share all mine with the little one..hehe