DH has FINALLY come clean about Bbags... he hates the TASSELS!

  1. DH told me this morning as I was leaving for work carrying my Origan City, "You know, I really don't like the tassel thing on these bags." :wtf: :crybaby:

    As many of you know, I really value his opinion about handbags as he has great taste and started my addiction to LV (which is his fave BTW).

    Anyways, I tucked the ends and tassels inside and he said that it looked so much nicer that way. I checked it out and he was right in a way - more feminine and less casual looking.

    I have already cut the tassel on my Shopping (just so that it does not hang lower than the end of the bag) as it was literally touching the ground on my five-foot-tall frame when hand-carried and it looks totally fine to me. Now I am contemplating cutting them on my other Bals... :shocked:

    I have read through the threads on tassels and it seems just a few people cut them. Anyone tuck them in and leave them out depending on what you are wearing? Do you think cut tassels de-value a Bal for re-sale (I do not buy with the intention to resell but I may eventually sell down the road, one never knows what I may covet in the future :graucho: )? Does cutting the tassels change the "personality" of Bbags?

    Anyone have pics of cut tassels on their bags or accessories? I would love to see them so I get a good idea BEFORE I do major surgery on my babies. :yes: :sweatdrop:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i would go oppose ur husband :p
    i love my tassels :yahoo:
  3. I had a lilac city with cut tassels and I liked it better that way. It did, however affect the resale value because it didn't have any extras.
  4. I love the tassels so I would not touch them....but it's your bag to do as you please. Instead of cutting them, have you thought of just removing them altogether. Sienna Miller does that with her flat brass first.
  5. You Have To Let The Tassels Stay As Is!!! I Love Them!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I love the tassels...I can't even bring myself to trim them:love:
  7. I think someone in another thread had suggested replacing the tassels with a charm or something to work as a zipper pull. Perhaps you could try this out first? Altho I personally love the tassels!
  8. I'm with your husband on this one! That is the one major deal breaker with me why I never have contemplated getting a Balenciaga (well, I pondered once many months ago.....) I don't care for the tassels. :yucky:
  9. don't circumcise your bbag!
  10. Hey... i'm w/ ur DH too... somtimes the tassles get in the way and i hate it... the tassles on the sides are fine, but the one in the front... bothers me quite a bit... i've cut it a bit shorter...

    It's your bag, do as you wish ^___^" do what makes you think looks better!!!!... Oh yeah i always tuck the tassles in the bag too
  11. sometimes when i put the bag in chair or someplace when not carrying it, i stuck the tassels inside the zipper to keep it save and not get seated or something.
    but when i'm carrying it, i let them out! and especially when the wind blows and the tassels are blown by the wind made me in such a good mood :p
  12. I think the tasseles are what makes the bags a "motorcycle" style. I personally love them, but then again, I only wear my Bbag with casual outfits. Rather than cut them, have you thought about just taking them off?
  13. If you want to cut your tassels but are unsure, order a spare set from Bal while they still have them. Then you can trim yours to an inch or two so you can still pull your zippers closed.

    And if you change your mind, or want to sell a bag in the future, you have the extras.
  14. Don't be so affected by what HE thinks!:supacool:

    By reading your post I really get the feeling that you don't want to cut them at all, I mean - he will still love you regardless of the tassles on your Bbag... :girlsigh:
  15. I like the tassels but I do understand how they can be annoying. If they do bother you, I would rather take the tassels off than cut them. That way, it's not permanent and you can always put them back on when you feel like it!