DH got me a prada nylon tote that looks like an LV neverfull LOL But Im loving it!!

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  1. Neverfull owners, dont throw tomatoes at me LOL This is actually long overdue. DH got me this bag last week but I just didnt have time to post pics until yesterday when I was so excited to post pics of the britt hobo LOL:sweatdrop:. Although this is nylon with soft leather straps and trim, its a pretty functional tote with a magnetic snap closure and love the yummy color of the interior!:love: Perfect for the unpredictable weather out here, shopping, travelling, fits tons and not as flimsy as my neverfull MM which Im not very happy with and selling soon :tdown:. Maintenance of vachetta is just not my thing anymore too:nogood:. Thought I was over the prada nylon bags but Im loving the versatility of this tote so much especially the pink interior:heart:! Love pink! and love my DH! :heart:

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  2. I love your tote! I'm usually into leather purses, but lately I've also been eyeing the beautiful prada nylons so I would have at least one purse I can use and not have to worry about... This one is perfect! I love that the punch of color is inside (and a lovely shade of pink it is!) Your DH has good taste! Congrats :smile:
  3. Thanks! DH likes prada and didnt mind getting this tote for me...well thats because the leather ones are over his price range :girlsigh:LOL It even looks sleeker IRL. The pics didnt quite capture the shine and blackness of the bag:graucho:. Not to mention the pinkness too :nuts:LOL I know prada nylons are not well loved by most but for some reason I am drawn to some styles. They certainly can take a beating and still look great:yes:! Cant justify the price for nylon bags but I realized they have lasted years and years, more than my leather and canvas bags. :tup:
  4. It really is a nice looking tote! I think nylon Pradas go all the way to the grave! :biggrin:
  5. That is very nice:tup:!!! Congrats :drool:

    My mum loves Neverfull,but we recently gave up all our LVs for Prada now haha...so time to look at this. How much did you pay for this ?:yahoo: My mum is gonna be so excited to see this!

    Oh 1 more...is it a LE or a permernant line.
  6. Like your bag much better than neverful, congrats. Looks good on you too!!!
  7. its ADORABLE!They make it in a lot of cool colors..Im tempted to get one too!
  8. Thats a nice bag, esp with pink interior. How much u bought that for?
  9. DH got it for $960 SGD which is around $695+ USD:sweatdrop:
  10. Will pop by Prada and take a look! thanks for ur info!
  11. You got it from Prada Paragon? LOL...Went there like 2 weeks ago but I didnt see that :shame:

    Hmm..but $960 is almost the same as Neverfull,but of course less common! :graucho:

    Is it like permernant or a seasonal model? If it's permernant then no rush to get it now,maybe I can get my mum 1 during Mother's Day since she likes this.:woohoo:
  12. My wife has a few luxurious leather bags but she absolutely loves her nylon Prada backpacks. If the weather is going to be bad she just dumps all of her stuff into a backpack, you could walk through a waterfall and never have to worry about it being damaged.
  13. Love it!!
  14. Ya know to tell you the truth, these bags are grrreat! I don't have one but they seem like a work horse and soo durable! I love all the fun colors they came out with too. I really like yours and can tell it will stand up to the toughest elements...gotta love the funky interior as well.
  15. Didnt think this bag would make heads turn LOL Used it at the mall yesterday and noticed a few ladies staring at it. Hmmmm....either they liked it or hated it :girlsigh:LOLOL Cant deny the fact that this bag is so lightweight and comfy! So easy to get things in and out of! Cant believe how much Im loving this tote!:yahoo:Never felt this way about my Neverfull.