DH got BusTED!

  1. when i got back in town a few days ago, i received a voice message from my SA checking how I was doing. i emailed her back stating that i was out of the country for sometime and i was doing well.

    i was wondering what she called me about since i know she will no longer be working in the H store beginning of this year.

    so, yesterday morning i received an email from her stating "so, how do you like your new ---------- -----------?" i was perplexed and i thought, i got a 35 parchemin birkin for christmas......I DIDN'T GET THAT????????? WHAT'S GOING ON??????????

    is my DH playing hooky somewhere else :tdown::confused1::boxing:and especially that i was gone for 10 days???? :cursing::devil:

    to be continued
  2. O when will he give it to you????? special day coming up?
  3. Oh my. He better hand that over right away - or else!
  4. before i overreacted..........i pulled him in front of the laptop and let him read the email! AHA! BUSTED! :shocked::busted
  5. Pazt,

    Sure hope that bag is for you... kidding. It is probably a gesture to show you how much he has missed you!!

    Does DH know that he has been busted?
  6. see, my birthday is next week and poor guy has been bombarded by calls from various SAs (not only H SAs )and i was hoping this was MY gift!
  7. AND????????????

    This story is killing me... I am dying to see how it ends.
  8. hahahahaa!!!! omg, your DH is hilarious. super cute of your DH to try to surprise you. What did he say when you showed him the email?!!
  9. LOL P!!! I love these kind of DH busts; what an absolute sweetie you have! I cannot wait to hear the end to this story!
  10. he was so MAD :cry::shrugs:then, next he tries to play it off like he returned it or something and demands to call the SA for some explanation :sad:

    then, finally he realizes that i was one step ahead of him this time and there was no holding back and it was time for some AFFIRMATION OF AN AFFAIR BY HIM......:crybaby::boxing:

    or some EARLY BIRTHDAY GIFT REVELATION BY ME! :upsidedown: :yahoo:
  11. Yay!!! Another reveal!!! I cannot wait!
  12. Yikes, sounds like your DH's surprise nearly got him in the dog house!
  13. Cannot believe the SA let the cat out of the bag like that :wtf::lol:

    Can't wait to see what you got!
  14. he claims he told her not to mention it to me since he's not sure when he'll give it. a few occasions are coming up to celebrate (my bday, valentines, mother's day, just because day - lol) and he has a few oppurtunities to do it!

    i rolled my eyes and he ran off somewhere in the house and came back with a BIG box still with FEDEX and all!

  15. Love it!!!! :crybaby: What a sweetie DH!