DH going to London/Amsterdam - where to send him to look for Hermes?

  1. So, as I posted in the thread on cultivating an Hermes-enabling husband, my DH is going to London on Saturday, then on to Amsterdam. Are the H boutiques in these cities worth sending him to? Any hope of him finding a Birkin at either of them for me? :graucho: Are there better stores to have him check, rather than the H boutique (Harvey Nicks or Selfridges or somewhere, perhaps?) I feel like I need to strike while the iron is hot, since he showed some receptivity to looking for a bag for me, and I know that at most, he'll hit one store per city.
  2. Harvey Nichols dosen't have a Hermes AFAIK, so i'm guessing either Selfridges or Sloane Street, if Sloane Street, ask to speak to Ona, she's an amazing SA :smile:
  3. By the way, I really don't recommend Bond St or Harrods, snooty SA's from past experience.
  4. In London there are 3 stores (Bond st, Sloane St, Exchange Sq), two concessions (Selfridges, Harrods) and H Duty Free at two of Heathrow's terminals so there're plenty of places for him to visit. I've never had a bad experience with a SA but in my experience Sloane St has the friendliest ones. I think you have to be very, very, very lucky to walk into a store and score a Birkin in London, unless you have a huge travel one or something. I've seen a couple of Kellys on the shelves though. If there's anything else you are after then it's always a good idea to ring in advance and enquire about stock.
  5. Thank you so much ladies! Apologies for not doing more research on where the stores are before I posted. My excitement got ahead of my proper planning...
  6. The store in Amsterdam is on PC Hooftstraat - just around the corner from the Rijksmuseum. The store and staff is wonderful, speaking English is not a problem at all. I've seen the occassional Birkin on the shelf there - just before I left (two months ago) there was an Ebene 35 in Clemence just sitting there. There's normally a Kelly or two there.

    I had a wonderful SA there, who now only works 2 days per week. Good luck!
  7. I can whole heartedly recommend the Amsterdam store. The SAs are wonderful. I don't know how well stocked it is though.
  8. Ooh, perfect. DH's friend who he's meeting up with in Amsterdam is a big Rijksmuseum fan, so they'll definitely be over in that area. And if the SA's are nice, that's a huge bonus in terms of making sure he doesn't get turned off by the whole experience. Sounds like Amsterdam may be a good bet, especially since there will be the guilt factor of him being on a guys' weekend when two of the guys' wives are home and pregnant!! Thank you so much!
  9. My DH goes tramping about all the H stores in London, including Selfridges and Harrods each time he is there but has never found anything good :sad:
  10. Really? :confused1: I had the best service at Bond St. They were all quite lovely to both me and my DH. In fact, all the SAs on that street were most hospitable. :shrugs:
  11. ^i haven't had the best service at bond st but it's usually ok. i'm surprised that anyone would say they're snooty at harrod's though, i've never had less than fantastic service there.
  12. To be fair, I do set very high standards, and I believe service should be perfect, if not better, simply because of the amount of money I spend on the item, it's a top end luxury good, so service should match too. I suppose Harrods isn't that bad, never tried the Selfridges concession and Bond St. Ptshhh. I've had better service at poundland.
  13. I also recommend Sloan st. over Bond. In fact, all the shops on Sloan are much nicer than Bond St, and I've heard this several times and experienced it myself. :shrugs:

    As far as Amsterdam, I have always had spectacular service there. Shops here aren't always known for their warm service, but H is the one place that is consistently different that way.
  14. Maybe he needs more training? ;)
  15. Don't think so, UK stores are a bit clingy about bags :smile: