DH Gift Reveal, thanks SAFIDA for your help ;)

guess who is back?? DH from Paris hey hey hey and he bring me a versatill sweet heart damier ebene EVA.
We went first to the 101 champs elysées but they were out of stock and told him to go to galerie lafayette were he found the last one :smile: he said that they are very well organised, they don't let anyone come in without an SA to take care of him.

thank you all girl for your help and advices , and to you safida for your support

by the way for the plussized girl it's ok don't worry the strap are just the right length for us :smile: i'm 1,70 M i don't know how to convert it to inches sorry

so here are the pics



Apr 23, 2011
wow! what a surprise!!!!:woot: I got late for the school today and the first thing i do in the morning check the new stuff on tpf, and i was so pleasantly surprised to see my name on one of the threads, so lovely thank you dear:ty:

I'm so so happy for you now :hbeat: Your Eva is super gorgeous, now we are bag twins:ghi5: Congratulations one your new gift, i'm really very happy for you, by the way your DH is very sweet cause he got you Eva DE which made in france from Paris, wow so romantic:tender:
Oh i forgot to mention that you need to put your pics to the Eva Clubhouse:smile:, here is the link http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-clubhouse/the-enchanting-eva-club-243969.html
Thanks sweety you have been soooo Nice living détails and you were right the eva is so so lovely
Have a Nice day At school :smile: and it s true That DH becames Romantic once in paris ( his not usually expressif) and since his back hé did not stop saying hé love us and miss our daughters and i