Dh gave the ok...azur here i come!

  1. last night, i was scrolling through TPF and was looking at the pic of scottie's damier azur speedy. DH took one look and said "that's a NICE bag". i thought he wouldn't like it but he said it was really classy and elegant. i had been eyeing the classic damier speedy 30 but DH told me to go ahead and get both if i want:wlae:

    i want to use my own money so i'll have to save up for both but it'll be worth the wait. i plan to get a wapity too because it is just too cute.

    i was a bit apprehensive about the azur at first, but it's grown on me. i'll be headed over to LV to take a look IRL just to be sure. plus, here in phoenix, it's warm year round so i think it'll be fine for use in fall/winter. i am so excited. i'll be an LV virgin no more :love:
  2. Nice, how sweet of DH ! :yes:
  3. Sadja-- I am in the Phoenix area as well! I went to the LV at Scottsdale Fashion on Sunday and the SA's let my fiancee and I look at the Azur stuff that they had in the back!! I am thinking of getting the Azur Speedy 30...I already have the Damier Speedy 30:smile:

    Ask for Vanessa...she is SO SWEET!!
  4. thanks for the heads up Couturegrl!!! great to meet a fellow Arizonan on TPF!

    i was planning to go to Scottsdale Fashion Square to make my purchase but folks have me a little shaken with tales of rude SA. but i'll ask for Vanessa since you gave the rec. i can't wait. i must resist the urge to buy now LOL! if i keep this up, i'll be rushing out to Scottsdale on my lunch break next week :smile:
  5. Oh HECK NO!

    It's your money that you have to save up for in order to get it...how does his permission come into play???? ;)
  6. very nice!! looking forward to your new speedies and wapity! welcome to the forum!!
  7. Welcome to the forum!

    Hooray for Azur! :biggrin:
  8. :P

    you know what...he said the SAME thing! he's like "you work hard, you have money, if you want it, get it, it's not up to me" :P

    but that's just how i am normally because it's really difficult for me to spend money on high ticket items for myself. i have no problem buying for him and my son, but when it comes to me, i usually talk myself out of it. he's always trying to get me to treat myself more often. he always goes out of his way to do nice things for me. he just bought me a bag last week and is getting another for me next week so i guess i'm trying to follow his lead :flowers:
  9. OMG I am totally going to be there as well on Monday!!! I think that I am going to be there at 10 am sharp!!

    Honestly, the ONLY rude SA I have EVER encountered at this boutique was some guy with an accent (didn't catch his name).

    Vanessa, Melanie, Angelina (or Angelica--something like that!!) are all very nice:smile:

    So fun to find someone from the Valley!!!
  10. that's so good to hear! rude SA really irk me. i am soooo excited to go now!
  11. LOL maybe we will run into each other!! :smile: