DH--Entering the ORANGE world!!!!

  1. So I don't have any H yet, I'm waiting for "the one", but my DH did the sweetest thing last night that I could only think of sharing with you ladies.

    He had a dinner meeting in Orange County last night and was near the SCP H store. Without me asking, he went in and inquired about how he could purchase a Birkin for his lovely wife:tup:. The SA was very nice and told him that basically it's luck and good timing. The more he visits the store, the higher the chances that he'll be able to find one.

    Anyway, I thought it was so thoughtful:yes:. He didn't have to go in there and I certainly didn't ask (beg) him to :smile: So, the good news is we're going back to SCP on sunday.... who knows what goodies we will find!!

    Thanks for letting me share my little story....
  2. Welcome to the dark side and Congrats to such a sweet DH!
  3. Thanks Hello :smile: He's definitely a keeper :smile:
  4. I love hearing about all these devoted DH's entering orange territory!!
  5. That is adorable!!!!! Sounds like our DH's went to the same charm school ;)
    I hope you get some great H goodies soon!!!!
  6. Orange County turned him orange :smile:
  7. Yay! How sweet! SCP is the best. :yahoo:
  8. Oh what a good guy!
  9. hbr, great story. :smile: Let us know what happens on Sunday. :smile:
  10. What a nice DH. Good luck getting one.
  11. I hope you get your first H bag this week. Your DH is so sweet. :smile:
  12. Thanks all for your words of kindness and good vibes!!! I'm realllllyyyyyyyyy excited about this weekends' getaway to SCP. I'm hoping for the best, so we'll see....... does anyone have a nice SA they can recommend at the SCP store?
  13. I just love story like these. Hurray for hbr for having such a sweet dh! Happy holidays to the two of you.
  14. That hubby of yours sounds fantastic, and he is on the hunt for you so that is really good.Hope you find something in the exact color leather you love.
    Happy Hunting!
    And have a great trip there....don't forget to sniff the leather....ahhhhhh..........

  15. License and ElizabethK -- thanks so much for your kindness. He is very sweet! I'm crossing my fingers for sunday's H visit. We shall see.... send me some good H vibes ladies.... I can use all the help I can get :smile:

    Happy Holidays Everyone!! Hope this year brings love, joy, peace and of course tons and tons of ORANGE!!