DH doesn't understand why I would want "costume jewelry"--Chanel pearls

  1. He is just astounded that they would cost so much if they aren't real. I can see his point, but I love pearls in the spring and am going to begin the search for a great long necklace that can be looped for layering. Love Rockerchic's and would love to find at an outlet, but there isn't one anywhere near me!
  2. I can kind of agree with him!!! (no offense to anyone who has Chanel faux pearls). I think they look beautiful, but they are pricey for fakes......yet on the other hand, I love Chanel costume jewelry too, I have a lot of their earrings and if I added them up they would be a small fortune too, and they are fake too!!!!

    Buy what you like!!!! It's always worth the money if you love it!!!!!:yes:
  3. But Chanel pearls are so classic. They will never go out of style.
  4. ITA! :yes: