DH= Damn Husband!!!

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  1. Today for sure....just want to complain about the nerve of my hubby, even though this has NOTHING to do with handbags!
    I bought myself a scone, the cream, and some special jam to go on it 2 days ago at this out of the way bakery that I go to every 3-4 weeks. I have been salivating over the thought of my lovely breakfast, and today while I was working out it was all I could think of!! I got home right as DH was leaving, went to the bread box, and guess what....no scone:evil: !! It would have been passably OK if he had just eaten it, but when I asked him, he said; "Oh yeah...I tasted it, and it wasn't good, so I threw it away!:amazed: " Well first of all, it wouldn't be good, because he doesn't even like them!!
    Anyway, a small thing in the overall.....but started my morning out all wrong!!
  2. Make him go buy you a new one! How rudeeee!
  3. Ugh!

    My DH does nice things like that too! :rollingeyes
  4. I mean really, the nerve!!!Although I am giggling about it now...I don't know what he would think if he knew I was discussing it on a handbag forum of all things!!!
  5. All husbands have their moments, mine was stressed out about work and totally grouchy last night. You'd think he had PMS.
    Last night, I told him, you are just too mean!
    Today he brought me some Easter candy to say he was sorry. It was the same kind I used to get as a kid, so it was special.
  6. Sounds verrry verrry familiar...........:amuse:
  7. Next time, buy extra scones, he'll get the picture!
  8. I agree that it wouldn't have been so bad if he'd eaten, but he just wasted a perfectly good scone. If he wanted to taste it, couldn't he have just broken a tiny piece off instead of taking a bite and chucking the rest? I say he owns you a whole week's worth of scones! :P
  9. Poor thing! That totally sucks. I would definitely demand a replacement!
  10. What kind of candy??? And that was pretty thoughtful!! I guess on the bright side, he probably saved me all those calories I had just worked off!!1
  11. Soundslike something my boyfriend would do too... you think he'd notice something that you buy on occasion... that one, he wouldn't eat it... and two, he woudln't throw it away if he hated it
  12. Exactly!!!! I opened the trash, and there it is with one little bite missing!!!!
  13. :lol: ....just laughing at all your comments!
  14. I would've made my BF go out and get me one. And he would go get it unless he wants to suffer under my wrath.

    Sorry about your scone. Awwww...
  15. It really does sound ridiculous!!!! Maybe I'll tell him he could make it up to me with a new bag!! Hmmmm....