DH contributing to my mirror madness!

  1. OMG-I'm so happy I want to cry! I just found out that I have a gold AND a silver mirroir baby on the way to me as of tomorrow!!! DH told me before that I could only get one lockit so I picked gold. Then he knew I panicked about not getting silver SO........ he worked with my fave SA to track one down. Lovin' my DH even more now! They won't be here until thursday due to the holiday but I am one happy girl!:party::happydance:
  2. Your dh is a keeper! What a sweety! Congrats!
  3. Really thoughtful DH!!

    Wow... congrats!!
  4. awwwwww! yay for you!!! :love:
  5. OMG! Congratulations I love love love the mirror bags! Please post pictures once you get those precious babies :graucho::yahoo:
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!! What a super DH!!
  7. lucky girl!

  8. What a sweetie, congrats!
  9. Aww.. how sweet, we gotta tell all the men in our lives that this is how it ought to be. :graucho:
  10. that was really sweet of your DH! congrats!
  11. That is so sweet!
  12. Good job DH! Congrats!
  13. Wow --- how thoughtful of your husband to do that for you!!! Congratulations!!!!
  14. this is so sweet !! congrats !!! :p please show us pics of BOTH SILVER AND GOLD =P
  15. What a great DH!! Does he have a brother that's single and available? Just kidding - LOL. Congratulations on having such a wonderful DH and on acquiring your Miroir lockits.