DH came to the rescue! Update on Saks fiasco

  1. Omigosh, I can't believe this.

    After Saks screwed up my order, I was so depressed. I called Fedex to no avail since they couldn't find the package. They said that I just had to wait until the tracking details were resolved and made me feel really bad. And no, they don't know when I'll get my package since it wasn't their fault that Saks messed up my address.

    I couldn't believe it. I was so depressed since I actually took another morning off work just to wait for the package. And I called Fedex again this morning with no results.

    When I told DH yesterday night, he said that I shouldn't be so worried over 'Just a bag." I told him that the purchase meant a lot to me. He didn't say anything much but I think this is what he did.

    Got the tracking # from my computer screen (I had the Fedex window open).
    Called Fedex and demanded that they searched for the package. He refused to take their ******** and even called Saks.
    Said that he had to leave for work early today after making me an extra cup of my favorite steaming hot latte.
    Then he called and asked me:"So where do you want to go this weekend with your new bag?"

    He found the package and actually drove a long way out to the Fedex location to pick it up! I don't know how he did it. After his nonchalant comment "It's just a bag", I didn't expect him to care.

    He said that he couldn't bear to see me cry over this although he still doesn't understand why women are so obsessed over handbags. I mean, he's not the kind of guy to do romantic stuff. I don't usually get flowers or presents as he's very practical (he's says that it's his strict engineering training).

    But he did this for me. I cannot believe what and how he accomplished this.

    I can't wait for him to get home. I'll be sure to give him lots of kisses.

    Pictures of my new bow satchel to follow after I show my appreciation to my husband (a girl gotta have priorities).

    :smile: I'm so happy!

    PS: I called Fedex again and they are still saying that the package hasn't been found!
  2. Aww your DH is so sweet!! Congrats on your new bow satchel!!
    Can't wait for the pictures!!

  3. What a sweetheart!!! I wouldn't dear to tell my dh because I would be afraid he will somehow find the receipt of my bag and have a heart attack. :smile:
  4. Oh Fayewolf,

    I think my DH knows how much the bow satchel cost because he saw it at Saks. He knows that I know that he knows that I fudge the price. ;p

    It's an unspoken rule between us that I have my guilty pleasures while he pretends not to know too much about it.

    I think all the blabbering I do about fashion has finally gotten to him. Just when I think he's not listening, he'll say something out of the extraordinary like:"I like the Prada Spring collection. The floral dresses are really pretty." I'm like ????!!!

    It also helps that he appreciates fine workmanship being an engineer himself. He likes well-made things even if the designs sometimes baffle him. E.g, bows on a bag? Why? What purpose do they serve?

    Still, I'm very grateful to him for recognizing my distress and coming to my bow's rescue!
  5. Awww, how sweet is he! You are a lucky girl to have a husband like that! And congratulations on you new bag! It's such a cute style! Looking forward to pics...
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:........................sounds like me!!! :angel:
  7. Wow!!! What a keeper!!! My dh is a design engineer too, but he only understand fine craftmanship to the extend of computers, maybe a violin/piano/hi-fi stuff. :smile:
  8. He's very handy around the house. He's a true blood mechanical engineer so he enjoys making stuff or tearing them apart. H

    I've had him repair handbag clasps and even shorten them all to great success! ;p He loves tinkering with stuff so I'm going to have him shorten the bow's straps according to a fellow TPFer's instructions.

    He even fixed the door to a dressing room at LA's Prada. It got stuck and the SAs were contemplating calling in the repairman. He helped out and I was so jealous of the attention he received!

    I better double my attentions on him tonight! :wlae:
  9. That is such a cute story! I'm glad you have finally been united with your bag! Kudos to your DH!!! :smile: Can't wait to see modeling pics!!!
  10. What a wonderful hubby! And so glad you received your bag hope you love it!
  11. Wow linpaddy...

    You've got yourself a sweetheart. :heart: Congratulations on getting your bag... and DH deserves just a *bunch* of love for this one. :graucho:
  12. Awwww That is so sweet. Linpaddy you must be so touched. My husband's personality is very similar to what you described so I totally understand how you feel and how much it means to you when he shows that you care. Congrats and please enjoy you bag even more!:heart:
  13. How sweet! You're lucky to have such a special DH and such a great bag!
  14. DH came home struggling with a huge box! I'll post pictures tomorrow since I need to keep him company.

    He still doesn't understand the fuss but agrees that the blush is a pretty color!

    I'm so excited....

    Lots of love and sincere thanks for all your kind words!
  15. congrats on both husband and bag :tup: can't wait to see the bag. blush is a nice colour.