DH brought this home today!!

  1. He walked into Hermes today and they offered this! I am in love!!!:yahoo:
    6.jpg 7.jpg
  2. I can't be in love with you until I see more!!!
  3. Ooooohhhh!!!!! How are you star?? Please- no teasing! Rip that dustbag off!!!LOL!!
  4. Maroon Fonce in Fjord?????????????
  5. Oh my! What is it star?????
  6. O.K,O.K....I am exhausted anyhow...no time for games...Here she is! :heart: A chocolate brown 30cm Birkin in Epsom!!! I really needed this color and it is much more beautiful than I could have imagined in Epsom. I am so HAPPy to have a new purse!!! It has been SOOOO long!!! I took all of my Hermes out of the closet for a new family picture.... DH was out, he,he...
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  7. we Need More People In The Thread!
  8. starr , sweet DH! vert olive in epsom????

    miss you and welcome back!
  9. Star! Oh....please show us....I just love, love threads that start with "DH..."
  11. gorgeous! we need updated pics of the family!
  12. I just love how the light reflects off the 35! Hee hee
  13. YAY! Star, I have missed you! Congratulations!!! It is just gorgeous! And your collection is TDF! I hope you are well, and enjoy your new birkin in the best of health!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  14. AAAAAAAAAAH! I knew it was Epsom! It's gorgeous! Look at that collection! [​IMG]
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!! And your Hermes family is TDF!!:heart: