DH bought me an Abbey Hobo & wallet..........pics!!

  1. So two weekends ago we were in Vegas and DH and I went into the Forum shops Gucci store in Caesars and there it was calling my name...........a beautiful abbey hobo! Some of you might remember that I had previously purchased this before but it was in the dark brown trim and I had got a princy french wallet w/a kisslock closure to go with it. Well I didn't LOVE it and so I ended up returning it. Then went my quest to find the bag of my dreams.........uh that didn't go so well so I gave up that is until we walked into the gucci store.

    Anywho I got the new abbey in the off white trim (which flows better w/the sig fabric than the darker brown IMO) w/the exact matching wallet this time and I LOVE IT!! I have already passed my 10 day return policy time limit so I know for sure this baby is mine. It's been 2 days now of me using her and she's so pretty.

    So I would like to keep her pretty, do you guys scotchguard the fabric?? Or what do I do to keep it looking good and how do I care for the leather??

    Now on to the pic:

  2. congrats...beautiful set!
  3. Sooo beautiful!!!
  4. Congrats to you!!
  5. lovely!
  6. Congrats - very cute!
  7. Very nice!! And I have a silly question: I know S/O stands for "signifigant other", does DH stand for "darling husband", or am I way off? :confused1:
  8. Love it!
  9. Yes you are correct... DH = Darling Husband
  10. Ooh! Congratulations! I love them both together.

    I spray my Canvas Gucci's with a fabric protector.
  11. Lovely!
  12. OK... where did you get that... husband!!!!?????

    Congrats! Enjoy them, they are M4EO.
  13. Keep your claws hooked on your husband and DON'T LET GO!!!!!!!!!
  14. Haha, thanks again beljewl... you might as well be my mentor! And man, I need to snag me a DH like the one she has!! :graucho:

    My S/O (which will probably end up being my DH) just laughs and shakes his head at my Gucci addiction!
  15. I've got the exact same wallet and I loved it! Until the off white sides got a tad scratched/torn off - and I got an LV wallet instead. But its a great wallet.