DH beat me to the punch...introducing Ms. Fuschia Kelly

  1. I don't even know where to begin to tell this story, but in short, here is my 32cm Sellier Chevre de Coromandel Fuschia Kelly, that I absolutely love. :love:

    I had been eyeing this Kelly for several weeks and talked about it with DH and some other TPFers here. I finally decided I was going to slow down, take a deep breath a la SoCal's great thread and just enjoy the existing bags until the trip to Paris in April. Well, I was definitely very grumpy trying to be good as I couldn't stop thinking about this bag. :sad:

    DH must have noticed b/c to sum it up, without me knowing, DH actually wound up procuring this bag for me with the assistance of two lovely TPFers here (thank you!). :shame: I was quite shocked at his resourcefulness. Anyhow, this is a very early b-day present for me--the one holiday I haven't used up already this year--so for once, he was able to beat me to the punch!

    Here are photos of the bag with my snail cadena, and the Belles du Mexique scarf in fuschia, and with the Lumieres de Paris Plisse scarf.
    CIMG2415.jpg CIMG2418.jpg
  2. Oh my goodness, Orchids, it is magnificent, :love:!! The Fuchia, the Coromandel, and with the plisse and baby snail, it is pure bliss, :heart: :heart: :heart: . What a wonderful Valentine from your husband!
  3. OH orchids!!! She's abSOlutely gorgeous!!! How sweet of your DH to get it for you and for it to be a total surprise!!! You have a keeper there!!! I'm like you, I use up all my holidays as an excuse to buy H goodies!!! CONGRATS!!!:drinkup:
  4. GORGEOUS orchids!!! Your DH is the sweetest! Enjoy
  5. that is a whole lot of happy. the story, the bag. nice. thanks for posting the pics - last thing i'll see before i go to bed. lovely. wear her in good health!
  6. Congrats!
    Cheers to not being grumpy, and happy hunting in Pareeeee in Avril.
  7. Perfection!!! Beautiful Kelly and scarves. I do love Coromandel so! Your DH is a total sweetheart!

    Oh please, please model the Belles scarf and bag for us, won't you?
  8. Orchids, congratulations! Your kelly is so gorgeous!
  9. Yummy!.... and she is already dressed to go out too!:wlae:

    Nice DH...they can be wonderful sometimes can't they?
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh, what a sweet story, and it is all just so gorgeous!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!!! You have a very sweet DH :biggrin: Congratulations, that is one beautiful bag!! :smile:
  12. So gorgeous!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo: What a fabulous DH!
  13. wow! i love sellier kellys! pics modeling, please! :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful Kelly and lovely accessories to go with it! What a sweet DH you have!!!
  15. oooohhhhhh.... :tender: So sweet.