DH accepting the inevitable

  1. Amen! I've stopped with one pair for now (black patent Pigalles) until economic issues around my house improve...but when things get better....WATCH OUT!
  2. My DH started it all for me when he bought me a pair of Gucci metal heeled shoes from Tom Ford collection a few years ago. I'd have never thought of buying such expensive shoes myself and had never worn such high heels before. So he has no one but himself to blame for the size of my collection now!

    Anyway I always say my shoes last a lot longer and hence are better value than a lot of things he buys.

  3. :biggrin:

    You'd better start conditioning your DH now so he'll be ready for it when the times come! ;)

  4. I agree! We ladies are smart savvy shopper! Stuff that we buy appreciates in value! In this rising inflation, it is better to buy more Chanels, CLs and other luxury items than buying humongous ginormous flat screen TVs that will be passe in a year. I always say it's an investment! It hold its value compare to stocks! Plus, we are saving them money if we buy now because in less than 6 months, the price goes up!
  5. Agreed! I always tell DBF if we need cash, my shoe and purse collection could probably pull us out of debt fast :roflmfao:

    As Carrie Bradshaw put it, "I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet."
  6. Wow
  7. I totally agree with conditioning our DH. It's all about expectations management. I remember my first ever LV bag was brought by my DH (bf at the time) and we never really venture out to any other brands. Then one day I took an interest in Burberry, I vividly remember he said Burberry bags are so Cheap, you should get more. Since I introduced him to a higher end brand first, now he thinks Burberry is cheap (price wise). Lol
  8. Mingx2 -smart thinking!
  9. I agree with kayapo7. This is a good advice!
  10. Some men will never get it. So cute though how your DH is accepting and even posting about it! :lol:

    I got my new magenta python VPs in yesterday and when my BF saw them he asked if I was now going to sell my metal rouge You Yous!? LOL They think that one pair of shoes in the same color range is enough! :lolots: