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  1. Did anyone else notice that designergoodsonline says


    What is THAT all about?!?! It's so sudden...
  2. did they get hacked? i can't believe they're closed! someone on lj yesterday said they don't sell burberry anymore, but i was just looking at the gucci last night...that's crazy either way.
  3. I think this is the place I bought a bag from and quickly returned because it was obviously fake. I'm glad they're shut down.
  4. hmm that may be a different site because there have been lots of testimonials about that site being real...
  5. I thought maybe they got hacked too... it's just so odd for them to shut down so suddenly.
  6. You're right - it was Designers Imports.
  7. oh! I've been wondering if designersimports was real or not. I'm always too scared to buy from these websites. Even DGO! How did you know it was fake and what did you buy?
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