DFS Waikiki

  1. Just wondering, has anyone checked out the DFS Store in Waikiki. They have a LeSportsac section there... Just wondering what the prices/selection were like?
  2. Wait, is this a different one from the Duty Free in the airport or ????
  3. Yep.. It's the DFS in Waikiki that has the BIG Fish tank in the window display... :smile: So no need to go through a security check point.. ;)
  4. OHHHHHHHHHH, that one! I know what you're talking about now, but sorry never been there recently. Been years since I been out there haha.
  5. the prices are the same as the lesportsac stores here in hawaii. but the selections are diffrent because we are not the same company as DFS.
  6. LesportsacStaff - Can you tell us what you have? Do you do charge sends? Or can you only send money orders?

  7. from what i know we only accept money orders right now. i am not too sure about charging for send as i am not a sales staff. as i do only inventory management for Lesportsac waikiki.
  8. Could you tell me what inventory you have? Do you have any of the original prints?