DFS exclusive bags - anyone seen?

  1. has anyone seen them?
    They look like the Dior Girly canvas but with chain straps and pale beige pink leather ribbon tied into a bow.
  2. DFS? What does it stand for?
  3. Duty Free Shopping I think.
    The leather ribbon will have a embossed stamp of the words Christian Dior and the street address of their flagship store.
    Very pretty bags! Only 2 models out so far with more to come.
  4. ^ ohh!

    it sounds gorgeous!!
  5. Do you have a DFS near to you? You need to check this out :love:
  6. I just googled this and found out that LVMH bought over DFS group of stores which are mainly in Asia. So they now have a big avenue of sales through DFS boutique with store concept. MY SA said the range of bags are only available in DFS stores.
  7. Thanks for the info Janet!

    Unfortunately I think in the US, the only DFS are in the airports and I won't be travelling anytime soon :sad:
  8. btw, I'll be watching eBay for this item =)
  9. Sounds pretty..! :love: Any pix? :P
  10. I would like to see pictures as well. :smile:
  11. I don't know where to find pics sorry. Maybe I will ask the staff if they allow me to take some pics for you?
  12. Ohhhh...if it's pink and girly, I'm in big trouble!
  13. Oh, I love this collection..! Their small accessories are cute too..!
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