DF's and DH's-----please enlighten me!

  1. I can pretty much surmise that the two mean the man in your life but what do they actually stand for in words?
  2. Dear Husband.
    Not sure about DF...Dear Friend??
  3. DF...Dear Father???
  4. Lol I always assumed it was darling/dear Fiance :shrugs:
  5. Yeah, DH means dear husband, but I'm at a total loss re: DF ... ??
  6. I have no idea what DF means. Now I'm curious too.
  7. Dear Fiancee
  8. I have an idea...how bout people just write "my husband", "my fiance", or "my father"

    *Hates the terms DH, DD, DS, DF*

    Also, how bout a sticky with all the abbreviations used around here.
  9. shorthand is easier Charles LOL

    I typically associate DF with dear fiance...whereas with a friend you typically type out 'friend'. BF is usually used for boyfriend as well!
  10. I know that, but Dear Husband sounds like something a Stepford wife would say. I first heard it on a psycho, super conservative, fundamentalist Christian forum, and the wives there would say "DH is a bit upset that I didn't ask his permission to go to the store today. I want to be a dutiful wife and make him happy. What should I do??" Don't ask why I was reading those posts, but suffice to say, it was saddening to see those women act in such a way. So, everytime I see DH, it makes me think of these mousy, insecure women, who have to ask permission to brush their teeth and comb their hair.

    Honestly, I think a simple H would work. "I was talking to my H last night and he said.." That makes sense. Help me out here!
  11. ^^ Yes, i agree. Its a term that i would NEVER use so i did think it a bit odd.
  12. Good idea! Im about to start a thread like that.....
  13. You make a clear point. Yikes.. those women do sound Stepfordish.
  14. I'm not a fan of the abbreviations either...There's no way in this world that I would call my husband "dear husband" in real life
  15. I always thought it meant damn husband. there is a page but i don't know where it is, i think is in the feedback section. it has helped me a lot.