Dezynrbaglaydee is coming to NYC! Who wants to lunch and shop??!!

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  1. Hi girls!

    I'm headed to NYC feb 19-22 and wanted to see if any of you lovely ladies wanted to get together for lunch and some shopping?

    I'm coming along with my friend on her business trip, so I have quite a bit of time on my own during the day time and I'd love to meet some of you.

    Coming from Cali, I know how freezing it will be, but I'm still hoping to have a great time :biggrin:

    let me know who wants to get together!
  2. Have fun in NY dezy!!!
  3. Thanks jance hope I do too!
  4. Wish I could meet u. But I don't live in NYC :sad: . Have a great time!!!
  5. I would've love to meet up but DH and I are going to NYC in March so he can watch college bball. Im sure you will have a blast!
  6. oh thanks girls! it's ok, I think I could do plenty of damage on my own....hopefully I wont freeze to death lol
  7. Aww dezy, I would love to meet up, but that weekend is a little crazy for me. If I can free up the weekend, I would definitely be down to meet!
  8. Oh thanks chelley that's so sweet. Don't worry if you can't, it actuallly worked out that I'll get to see some family while I'm out there so I'm glad I at least will spend time with them. :smile: