1. I am in love with this show!!:yahoo: Last night's episode and the preview for next weeks has me on edge.:nuts: I can't wait to see what happens!! I started watching this show on SHOWTIME since it aired and I am addicted. It is intelligent, well put together, great actors :graucho: and a compelling plot!!
    I yelled at my bf yesterday after the show ended," WHO DO YOU KNOW AT SHOWTIME, GET THEM ON THE PHONE!!" obviously being sarcastic. But I can't wait, I just can't I want to know now.:crybaby:
    A show that makes you fall in love with a SERIAL KILLER!!:roflmfao:
    If anyone is interested in this show I HIGHLY recommend it!! Catch up on Showtime on DEMAND!
  2. I freaking love that show too!! Just watched last nights episode on demand. He was hot in the sex scenes last night (never thought I would say a serial killer was hot!). Love the show so much. I knew that doctor was fishy last week!! Minnie what did they show for previews? On demand you dont see that!

  3. They showed that the doc and Dex's sister and Dex go on a double date!!! Can you believe it?!! I also had a sense it was the doc!! Him being the doctor who attaches prosthetics and then him getting involved with Dex's sister and him being so passionate about his work! I KNEW IT!!
  4. Hmm, I wonder why more people don't watch this show?? ITS THE BEST!!
  5. I LOVE this show. He's as great in this one as he was in my beloved Six Feet Under. But what a different character. The entire cast is great. I love the odd intro with the "blood orange" :yes:
  6. OMG this is my new absolute Favorite show!! - only 2 more on On Demand and then I've seen them all - Such a smart, innovative series and Michael Hall is amazing!!! I'm addicted. I think the reason more people don't know about it is that Showtime does not have as big a subscription audience as HBO.
  7. Oh you will love the recent episodes they suck you in even more!! Yes more!! Sometimes I wish I wouldn't watch all the shows so I can catch up on them on demand all at once because the suspense I have for the next episode is unbearable!!
  8. It was hard to get into the first few episodes. It just seemed so slow and dark, but now I'm really into it. I don't want to talk about it too much because there may not be people who have seen all the episodes.
  9. I'm totally up to date , have seen all the shows (couln't help it) and now I am bummed that I have to wait for sunday night to get my next fix.
  10. LOVE IT!! DH got me hooked last night. He is up to date, but I was behind, I dont have showtime at my house. He does (lives next door).

    We saw the first two episodes last night, three more tonight. It will take me a while to catch up, but its just great. I only skimmed this thread to avoid spoilers, but when I am up to date I will be back.
  11. I know how you feel!! Its a drug!! I NEED my FIX:hysteric: !!! AHHH!!:nuts:
    I can't wait until SUNDAY!! I don't know why they can't fill the time slot after DEX because he is on at 10 and they reshow it at 11 again! Weird ! :s
  12. I love hearing what Dexter is thinking, I love the flashbacks to his relationship with his foster father and I love the girlfriend who is sweeter than any real girl I've ever known and so good to him - I was wondering if you read any of the books Minnie? I haven't, I hear there are 2 of them. I'm thinking I should get them. This is an unforgettable character and a very interesting author created him!!!
  13. WHAT BOOKS?? There are books?? :nuts:
    I didn't know!?!:search: Need to READ The books!! What are they called?!
    Suzy is that your daughter, she is adorable, such a doll!!
  14. Dexter is based on a book. They say it at the beginning of the credits...let me turn on On Demand...Darkly dreaming dexter by Jeff Lindsay
  15. Minnie, thanks for noticing my gorgeous Granddaughter, Ava!!!, the light of my life!!! - Check Amazon for the books, there is a brand new one, third in the series coming out in 3 weeks!! I'm going to get all of them!!!