dexter serial killer

  1. wht did u thnk of tht episode?
  2. I thought it was different. It's spooky for sure. It looks like it is going to have a lot of suspense.
  3. I saw both seasons on SHO and it is the best show on TV.
  4. Aaaahhhh...I forgot to watch! :push::sad:
  5. its better on showtime, imo. but i love this series. must catch up on season 2.
  6. This is a fantastic show. I agree, definitely watch it on Showtime (or on Netflix; they have the DVD of Season 1!)
  7. when is it on?
  8. I've heard that! Just seems a little edgy for me. But I should give it a try. I do love the lead actor from his role in Six Feet Under.

    I wonder how they did they cut for regular television? I have no idea how ANYONE can watch SATC on regular tv. HBO's cut was so much better. But I guess A&E runs old Soprano's eps too.
  9. I LOVE Dexter! I have been raving about this show ever since I caught it On Demand halfway through the first season. I haven't seen the CBS version yet, but I am definitely curious to see how it holds up with out some of the gore and bad language.
  10. We just rented this on DVD and I LOVED it! So different and suspenseful. Watched all of it so quickly that now I dont know what I'm going to do until more come out! haha.
  11. Dh and I watched this the other night. Honestly we were really disappointed. I've heard from several people how great the show was. I thought it was terrible.

    ETA: We watched the CBS version
  12. SUCH a good show! i never saw the cbs version, but i was absolutely addicted to it on sho. he made me fall for a serial killer!