Dexter Season 8- Premieres June 20th

  1. I know we have all been chitchatting about the new dexter season on the season 7 thread, but I thought that with a little over a month approaching until the premiere, season 8 should get it's own thread! It is the final season after all :smile:
  2. I'm excited about this last season, also a little sad for the end :sad:
  3. Will Dexter die or be arrested is the question which needs to be answered...
  4. ^ Cool trailer, can't wait for the final season.

    I've enjoyed watching the show but I'm happy and relieved it's coming to an end.
  5. June 20th is a Thursday, is the date correct? Isn't Dexter a Sunday night show?
  6. It's supposed to be June 30th.
  7. Thanks Nolia

  8. I can't wait!
  9. Looking forward to this!:smile:
  10. That trailer has me so excited!
  11. I wish I did not watch Homeland, I could cancel Showtime after Dexter ends. Nothing else I really watch here
  12. Me either.
  13. Just two more days... :yahoo:
  14. Tonight, yay!!