Dexter Season 7

  1. Premiere: Sunday, September 30 2012 at 9 PM ET/PT

    who is super excited?!?!!?!?

    theres a tiny little sneak peek on the showtime site but it doesn't show anything... just a creepy voiceover of dexter
  2. can't wait! the Trinity season was the BEST, then it went downhill a bit. Still, I love this show :smile:
  3. can't wait!!! i need to see debra's reaction and how she and dexter are going to deal with it
  4. Me too!
  5. I'm super excited! Can't wait to watch Deb's reaction too...

  6. Me too!!! Last season finale was like :amazed::amazed::amazed:. I just kept jumping off my chair during the last scenes. :panic::panic:
  7. My bf kept saying all season long that Deb would find out and when the finale aired...all he said was I TOLD YOU SO!!!!
  8. Me three !!!!
  9. I did not like the crush Deb developed on him....just did not seem right. Can't wait to see how he explains this one though. And what "Harry" will have to say about it
  10. Dexter fans, we’ve got 40-some-odd reasons to get excited about the show’s return.
    Showtime has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming seventh season, premiering Sept. 30, and it features glimpses of nearly four dozen scenes.
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    There’s just one catch — it all flashes by in nine brief seconds! So press PLAY and get to work on deciphering the fresh intel or just scroll down a bit and click through our screen grabs!
  11. ^^that's the most intense trailer i've ever seen. cannot wait!
  12. Woahhhh that is SUCH an intense trailer! This season should be really good!!
  13. Can't wait!! I feel like they trailer revealed a lot...