dewy finish foundation?

  1. I have dry skin and would like to find a foundation with medium coverage that gives a dewy finish. Any recommendations?

  2. I have never used it, but I heard the Stila tinted moisturizer gives a dewy look. :shrugs:
  3. I find Chanel's Teint Innocence to give me a tad dewy-ish finish.. but that could be my oily skin shining through hehe. It's a fab foundation, though. You oughta give it a try!
  4. ^Agree! Chanel Teint Innocence is a really good foundation..I usually just use when I need concealing for blemishes. Great coverage and it never looks flaky. You could try a bronzing/luminizing powder too.
  5. ^^ ITA! I have a bit of an uneven skin tone especially around my lip area and Chanel makes it so much better.
  6. Totally agree about Teint Innocence! Very dewy/natural looking... I have dry skin too but this never makes me look dry/flakey.
  7. I like Teint Innocence but it's a heavy coverage foundation; if you are looking for medium, I'd try Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous. it blends BEAUTIFULLY and leaves your skin with a dewy glow and an airbrushed feeling. When I wear it my boyfriend loves to touch my face and he hated when I wore the Chanel.
  8. any foundation with light reflecting particles will give you a dewy look. make sure it's not too thick or heavy. also, you could use a cream highlighter on your nose bridge, under your brows and on your cheek bones on top of your blush to get the dewy effect. last but not least, use cream blush because it gives a softer, more natural look. :smile:
  9. I use Clinique's superfit makeup foundation and it gives a dewy finish. It also might help you to use a highlighter after your foundation to obtain that dewy look :smile:
  10. when i want a dewier finish, i mix in some lorac luminizer with my foundation for the day

  11. Thank you so much for all the recommendations!

    Now with my list in hand, I'll know what to look for when I go to Sephora and/or Saks looking for foundation. Choosing a foundation can be so overwhelming because there's so many to choose from. Thanks for narrowing it down for me. :smile:

    O.k. so far I will check these out...

    ~ Stila tinted moisturizer
    ~ Chanel's Teint Innocence
    ~ Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous
    ~ Clinique's superfit makeup foundation

    maybe, they will give me some samples to try.

    Thank you also for the tips about using bronzing/luminizing powder, cream highlighter, highlighter and lorac luminizer mixed in with foundation.

    I do use cream blush by Mac and it's great.

    My skin is mostly dry all year round, but lately it's been super dry and I really need a moisturizing, dewy foundation...... quick!

  12. Thanks for the great tips!
    I just bought a shimmer gel by Boots No. 7 and tried that like you suggested and it did give a dewy effect!
  13. Chanel Vitalumere gives a pretty dewey (not shiny) look on me. I have the liquid and compact, and id say te compact creme gives more of a medium finish.
  14. ^^ Oh yeah, I remember someone recommending that in another thread and I couldn't remember the name. Thanks for posting. I will add it to my list. :yes:

    You say the compact is a medium finish. What kind of coverage is the liquid?
  15. ^Liquid tends to be lighter coverage than a compact/cream.