Dewey Skin-How?

  1. I like the way my skin looks and feels after I wash it, it has that moisture in it but once it dries, my skin looks so blah after that. I know I can use moisturizer but I have oily skin so I hate how that feels on me, even the ones designed for oily skin. Anyone have tips?
  2. Good question... I have wondered this too
  3. I too have oily skin so I'd like to hear some suggestions as well ...:whistle::whistle:
  4. Try the spray water products that hydrate your skin. Kinerase makes one, DHC and I think Evian water spray is still around.
  5. Good question. I've always wondered this myself lol! What's been working for me lately is use a tiny amount of moisturiser in the morning, wait for it to absorb, then use Lorac's tinted moisturiser. It gives me a nice, dewy glow but you gotta decide whether you want coverage or just a glow, 'cause using enough to cover redness (like I need to), will just give you the greasies again.
  6. I recommend Yonka moisturizers and serums. They are wonderful and give you a dewey, hydrated look. My favorite is creme PS for dry skin. I also like the Yonka serum in the winter time. it is very moinsturizing and smells wonderful!
  7. I use Olay definity moisturiser. That really gives your face a nice "glow".
  8. I think a good serum instead of a cream moisturizer would do wonders for you.
  9. Thank you for all the help! I might try a serum or gel. I hear gel works the best for oily skin. Anyone know of good moisturizing gels?