Devote tote?

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  1. I don't know...but it apparently will come in peacock for all you peacock lovers out there. :drool:
  2. and a black patent quilt clutch!!! omg I'm dying over here.
  3. I'd love to see a pic of it. Sounds like it's part of the resort line.
  4. I wonder what the MAM eggshell with the brown crock trim will look like. That has me interested.
  5. Damn Desi.. you are good.
  6. ^LOL, I know right? She is THE expert!
  7. Oooh, I also see a yellow Rendezvous Clutch ;)
  8. ^^:lol: thanks LR and Sara!

    GG- i love that sunshine rendezvous, but the stingray combo, and white/platinum in the first picture just make me fall outta my chair :nuts:
  9. Thanks for this WONDERFUL information! :yahoo:Okay nobody is getting Christmas gifts now since I will buy more RM BAGS...oh nooo :crybaby:
  10. wow Desi how did you hear about this??
  11. Wow is right! Desi you are the WOman! :yes:
  12. desi you are the poo...RM forum better take a big whiff!

    lol i've seen Bring it On way too many times, but really you are good!
  13. ^^:shame: thanks guys!! Seriously though- i'm just putting two and two together. When I ordered my electric blue preorder from LB, i was messing around with the numbers too and was wondering what the devote tote was... and then i went back to this thread:

    And found two new styles... I'm completey guessing that is the devote tote becuase i haven't seen any other bags that it could be, and i could totally be wrong, so don't shoot me :smile: