devote but which color?

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  1. Hi!

    Ok ladies i know i told all of you it was between lv or rm,but know i am seriously considering the devote.The problem is i,am having a hard time deciding which color i like best it's going to be either peacock or sunshine both are sooooo gorgeous.Which color do you ladies prefer?
  2. Between those two, I'd probably go with the sunshine. However, my favorite is the Brown croc/eggshell combo!
  3. I am biased because I just bought the Sunshine Devote tote (it is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I can't yet comment on it) so that is my vote!

    I'm not big on teal colors because they would never work in my wardrobe but that may be different for you..
  4. hmm....does Luna Boston have both colors in stock right now? If they do, you could buy both, then just return the one you don't want. But you will probably want to keep both. :graucho:
  5. LOL^^^ thats probably what would happen.
  6. I love the Sunshine! It's such a happy color!
  7. If I were you, I would probably lean more towards the Sunshine. But then again, if I were you, I would probably order both from LB and try to justify keeping both, :P
  8. I love the peacock but I think the sunshine goes with more people's wardrobes and would be slightly more versatile. Like kimalee said, I really feel like it is such a happy color. :smile: I have a hard time not smiling at any of the new spring colors though.
  9. I highly recommend the Noir Croc Devote! But it might be sold out in stores.
  10. They're both so pretty... but I prefer the peacock.
  11. I have to agree.. the Noir devote looks absolutely divine. However if it is color that you are looking for than obviously you should choose one of the above! You might want to look into the color "Fawn".. it is absolutely gorgeous in the devote tote and is a great nuetral as well.
  12. I want the fawn! no competition!.. just kidding.. yeah fawn would be a great color too!
  13. I vote sunshine, it is such a cheery colour. Adds sunshine to your days. But like many, my heart is sold on Noir Croc Devote!!!
  14. I don't know if sunshine is the same as the yellow mini nikki I received from the Christmas sale, but it's the most gorgeous yellow. Really the most neutral yellow that will go with SO much. It looks much better in person than it does in pictures.
  15. Where is a picture of the Noir Croc Devote? I would LOVE to see this one!