Devistated :( My Pink Kooba Alex Is Ruined :( I Can Get My $ Back But There R No More

  1. hi ALL! i know i have been MIA for a while :sad: i am so sad

    my kooba alex is ruined, i wore a navy blue shirt today (that has been washed over 15 times) and it turned the whole side of my pink alex blue :sad:

    I am devistated, i contacted Gap who are the people who's shirt it was and they are kindly offering to refund the price of the bag and the cost of the shirt

    but in order for this to happen i have to send it to them :sad:

    I am so bummed i dont know what to do

    i know myself and to me it is ruined so i know it will pain me to use it

    and i would love to be refunded but then i dont get to keep the bag

    what do i do :sad:

    I mean i just bought it like 2 weeks ago, and paid over $200 for it

    so thats $200 in the toilet, i mean i could still use it and would MAYBE in certain times, but not like i do now cause it makes me so sad to look @

    but the idea of not having it at all :sad: ?

    what would you do? take the refund and not see the bag again? or ? HELP! :sad:
  2. Why does Gap need the bag too, and not just the shirt? I can understand seeing the bag, but keeping it? I would see about letting them SEE it and giving the shirt back for a refund. I would contact LMB for any repair of the bag itself, though I know that Kooba's lighter colors do tend to take on dark colors sometimes. I know others have complained of the same thing happening with the ivories and the deserts.

    Good luck girl!
  3. well i called to ask just that actually :smile: and they told me that for copyright reasons if they are going to cut a check from the company to replace an item that has been damaged they have to keep the damaged item because they cant give you $ and your item back :sad:

    They said if i get lovin my bags to fix it all up then they will pay for that

    but if she cant fix it and i send it to her then i have to pay for it :sad:

    basically they can only pay for one thing, and if its replacement then they have to *GULP* destroy the item :sad:
  4. I would email LMB with pics and see what she says. I personally would bet she could fix it and then I would have Gap pay the bill - win-win. :yes:
  5. I agree. It doesn't hurt to try. :yes:

    But Bessie, I don't understand how this could happen. The shirt has been washed 15 times? Jeez! Did you pre-treat the leather? So crappy that this happened.
  6. i dont understand either :sad:

    The shirt has been washed at least 15 times
    AND the bag was sprayed 2 coats with wilsons leather protector spray
    it had gone in the rain and everything no problem :sad:

    and now i dont know what to do :sad:
  7. I would contact Barbara at lovingmybag and ask her opinion. I will bet she can fix the bag.
  8. Hi, Bessie......I am so, so sorry about your beautiful bag. And I agree with Barbara at LMB and give her all the information she needs to help her determine if she can restore that bag. That is what the ultimate outcome would be, wouldn't have your Alex completely restored....and then move on. BUT.....I would also insist that I get my money back on that satanic navy blue shirt from GAP. Good luck, gf.................wish I could help you.
  9. Oh, Gosh that's just such a bummer! But it's cool Gap is willing to make it right, but what a decision on your shoulders! If ya love her, I'd go with LMB and see what they can do to fix her! I don't know what else you could have done to protect your precious bag, took precautions and still it picked up color????Now I'm scared to wear that turquoise Daniella!
  10. Oh no, I feel your pain. The first time I used my white Carla, the back of it turned blue from my jeans, even though the jeans have been washed several times before. I had to spend quite a bit to get a professional cleaner to clean up the Carla. Now I only use the white Carla when I'm wearing light colored clothes. Really hope you can get your Alex cleaned up!
  11. Bess...this is a WIN WIN. I am sure Barbara can fix the bag. If she can totally restore the color and wear on old Balenciaga bags then she can clean this Kooba. And who cares the cost since they are paying for it.

    You could take the money and hope one shows up on eBay one day but the bag is HTF so my option would be sending it to LMBs.

    This is a "Good thing". Don't be sad. You can have you Alex back in a few weeks good as new.
  12. Bess, I'm so sorry, think you should try to get Alex cleaned up, though, my Ivory Sienna was covered from exactly the same situation, rubbing against a black Gap t-shirt..cleaned up pretty well:smile:

    But girls, light coloured Koobas and dark clothing do not mix!
  13. Bessie, I am so sorry, no wonder you are devastated. I'm with everyone else, give LMB a chance. Your bag is too precious to give up on right now.