Devin's have canvas interiors

  1. why not the suede ? Just curious - are they worried that these bags will be too heavy?
  2. All the new Koobas have Brown Canvas lining. I think it started in Spring. I don't know any 2007 bags that have ultrasuede anymore. I'm personally glad. I hate the ultrasuede. It seems cheap.
    I always liked the old Koobas with the wildly colored striped and crazy linings.
  3. I love the ultrasuede lining, so soft and smooshy (Lexie thinks it looks cheap, LOL), now the lining looks like any other boring bag...
  4. I like the ultrasuede lining too, so much so that I feel like I should try to find a bag that has the green lining (already have two with the pink/purple lining), just for the sake of the green lining.

    That is how I _know_ I need to lay off with the Koobas! :s
  5. LOL! I agree with Lexie--when I got my first Kooba I thought the suede felt and looked cheap. BUT some cute lining I would not be opposed to :smile: I like the sleeper bags in heavy cotton better than the flannel too!