Devin vs Elisha vs Bonnie

  1. When I look on Kooba's site about these bags, it gives the measurements of the Devin as being 12" wide and 7" tall, but that's the same height as the Bonnie and only 2" wider.

    It is listed first in the photos, and usually their largest bags are listed first, but the Elisha is considerably bigger - it just has a shorter strap.

    I am interested in the Devin because of the longer strap. I dislike a short drop. Can anyone tell me what the drop is on an Elisha vs. a Devin and if the Devin is really almost as small as the Bonnie?
  2. the bonnie is definately an elbow bag and i'm betting the body of the devin is a bit bigger. you can fit more in bonnie then you think ;)
  3. The Devin is deceptive. The bag is like a bottomless pit.
  4. The Devin has the Balloon bottom (A round flat disc) so you get a whole lotta depth there. There are pics somewhere in the older threads of someone modeling theirs. The Bag is decent sized. Here is a pic that KoobaLover posted in another thread that shows them side by side.

  5. i felt the same way about them @ first that i wanted a devin cause of the longer strap but i think the elisha works

    it fits on my shoulder and not tightly-and i have chubbo arms ;)

    And i think the devin is a smaller bag (regardless of the straps) and for me i like bigger bags so!!

  6. Hmm...I'm confused now. I thought the Devin was the larger of the two. Can anyone confirm which is the larger bag? I was really sold on the Elisha, but I don't like elbow bags so I thought the Devin would suit my lifestyle better. Plus, if the Devin is considered a bottomless pit, I'm so there! I love those "pit of despair" bags. ;)
  7. Actually, I just went on the Kooba site and I think the Devin is larger since Kooba seems to line up their bags in order of size.

    What do you think girls? Please help!
  8. I have a Devin and it's large, or at least it holds a lot. I can put in it my wallet, diapers, wipes, disposable changing pad, snacks, sippy cup (which fits perfectly in the slip pockets), water bottle, sunglasses, keys, cell phone, a sweater for my toddler, and crayons. There's still room for other stuff. Basically since it's like a balloon, you can fit lots of stuff in it if you want or leave it virtually empty and it's fine. I've only seen an Elisha briefly at Nordstrom and I think you can fit more in the Devin just because it's round.

    Here's a picture of me carrying it. Sorry it's on it's side. :p
  9. See, in those pictures the Devin does NOT look like it is only 7" tall! And although the bottom balloons out, it doesn't look terribly extended in those pics, either.

    And, yes, it is listed first in that line on their website.

    I am just so confused. On the models and pictures it looks far bigger than the measurements on the website.
  10. Thanks so much for the info - and posting that great pic, Turtle! The Devin looks perfect! Now begins the search for the DEAL! :graucho: