Devin or Elisha???

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  1. Hi all! Can anyone tell from the photos whether this is a Devin or Elisha? If it's a Devin, I want to buy it, but haven't yet received an answer from the seller. I'm getting afraid it's going to be gone, HELP!!! TIA
  2. yea i feel like that is the devin

    here is the pic from
  3. i thought maybe bonnie, but you see that line acoss the front under the bow? the devin is the only one that has that and that is def there in the one pictured on ebay :smile:

    def not an elisha
  4. Thanks much. I think those 'lines' are pockets on the front, at least that's what the description says, but I didn't catch that when trying to figure out which one it was. Can't see the zipper pull in the photo, have these bags been faked yet?
  5. I don't know that they've been faked yet but still, I worry when a seller's feedback is that low.
  6. This is the guy that I bought my on-the-way Brynne from.
    I emailed him and got close up pics of the bag/zip/tag etc.
    His communications have been great!
    According to the tracking number he gave, my bag should be here by next monday/tuesday, so I will confirm then if the bag is 100%, but Im not too worried as he has good feeback from other bag buyers.

    Also...I have seen lots of fake kooba sites, but I have never seen a fake devin (or elisha either) so I think they are safer bets. :yes:
  7. I'm still going back and forth on this Devin. I'd really like to have it, but the guy has not been very nice to correspond with. I asked for a photo of the inside zipper pull and here's his reply:
    "If you do not believe it is authentic then do not bid on it. I guarantee it is real. I would refund you if it wasn't. I am not in the business of selling fakes or misleading people."
    Why would he not want to send a photo:confused1:

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Halzer - I'm wondering why he sent pictures to you and won't to me?
  8. He has probably been inundated with authenticity questions, but silence from a seller is better than a rude email, imo.
  9. Husky lover.. Maybe he has had lots of emails about authenticity and is getting fed up. He does say that he will refund you if it wasnt.
    When I asked for the pic, I was his 3rd Kooba customer ever, as he has only sold two previously according to his feedback, so perhaps I was the first even to ask for a zipper pic??
    Even after checking out the fake sites....I have never seen a fake devin. If I wanted a Devin I would buy it from those pics alone. The leather looks good too.

    Anyway my brynne should be here by tuesday (its sunday right now) so I will 100% let you know if its a fake, but Im not worried in the slightest.
  10. Well, I went ahead and bought Devin. The mean guy should have taken my offer though, he would have made an extra $25, that's what he gets for not being nice!
  11. I glad you got it! $275 for a devin isnt to be sniffed at.

    Im sure you will be happy when it arrives. Cant wait to see the pics :yes:
  12. lucky lucky... post pix when u get her!
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