Devin lookalike?

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  1. I just saw the Devin, that came out in '08, and I am nearly crying that I can't get this bag. Matte, buttery soft black leather, long strap on a hobo, tie on it that looks like a bow, it's like my dream bag. Well my mid-price dream bag.

    I saw a green one on ebay but since I know this bag is one that is replicated I don't want to take my chances, especially since it's not even in my top 5 preferred bag colors, but does anyone know anything that looks like this? It's so girly, so fun, it makes the Chase I was looking at look boring.

    I really want a bag with that matte, buttery soft leather that just makes you want to touch it. I am so sick of structured bags. Argh. Please tell me there's something fun and girly and soft and smooshy on the market?

    Also has anyone else felt seriously depressed at knowing that they'll never be able to obtain their dream bag?
  2. Never say never!

    Seriously, your lusted for Devin may pop up with a reputable seller, don't give up!
  3. True enough! I just got the Chase though, but if a Devin does pop up on ebay in black, it's so mine. I realized that if I wasted my time searching for a Devin and the Chase sold out, I'd be too bummed, which was a sign I really did like the bag.

    And I think I got the last black Chase on the 'net. I only found one shop that had it, and I got her last one! Woohoo, of. Late exclusivity is better than none at all.