Devin Handbag

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  1. Can anyone tell me the true measurements of the Devin handbag?
  2. I just checked the measurements on the Kooba website, and they seem kind of small to me. The picture they show on the model is acurate, but if I remember correctly, my devin was a lot bigger than 12 x 7 x 4.5. The bottom is round, so I'm not sure where they came up with the 4.5 (maybe just the center piece of leather was that size). The blue one you were looking at has the same measurements listed, but looks like she just used the Kooba website description. All I can say is it was a nice size bag, I would describe it as 'medium', but as I said, the bottom is round, so you can fit quite a bit in there. I'll go through my photos and see if I can find the ones I took of mine.