devil wears prada, so do i! *pics!*

  1. haven't posted any new bags in a long while cos i've been really busy!
    but i can't resist not putting this up!
    look what i scored today!
  2. [​IMG]
    this is my first prada!! it's such an impulse buy i don't know if it's the right thing to do!! i liked the bag but the service was really really horrible! the SA couldn't even tell me much about this bag! :sad::nogood::s
  3. [​IMG]

    it's called vit daino antik in nero?? i can't find this online! i can only find a metallic version online!!

    i'm pretty new to prada..what does vit daino mean?? and what does antik mean?? does anyone have a clue?? and what is this bag made of?? is it calf leather?? the SA was really horrible and rude but i got this for such a steal so i shan't complain?? :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    what do you girls think of this bag??i kept getting random bags along the way i never got down to buying any bags on my wishlist!!:shame:

    thanks in advance! :p:graucho:
  4. OMG, I absolutely LOVE it. It's gorgeous! Who cares about the crappy SA, if you love the bag and got it for a great price, that's fabulous! Maybe the SA was just aggravated because she was going to buy it for herself.
  5. It means calfskin/deerskin and antik is a term Prada uses to describe the leather treatment. ;)

    This one is mostly deerskin, but IIRC, the shoulder strap and some of the inside pieces are made of calfskin.

    And this bag rocks! I've seen all the variations in colors. You'll LOVE IT!! :yahoo:
  6. how much was the bag? where did you get it? it's a gorgeous bag!!
  7. cute! great buy :yes:
  8. Love the bag! How much??
  9. Beautiful! SCORE!! :smile:
  10. great looking bag. You did well.
  11. I love the two big pleats on the front, that makes it so feminine.

  12. thanks for the encouragement girls!! :cutesy:
    i got it at prada boutique for 40% off..around 900+ usd? is that a good price??

    so this is deerskin??? i asked the SA but she said she's not sure maybe calf?? she's really horrible and rude i would have thought about it first if it's not the last piece and there's this other woman eyeing it as well!! :push::sweatdrop:

    i'm gonna take it out for a spin later!
  13. Congratulations,Sillygooose ! It's a very classy bag,I wish I could get one..Can you tell me the exact name of the style ? Thx.
  14. Ooops,I just saw it = vit daino antik in nero ! OK,that's my dream bag till the next I see ;)
  15. It is soooooo gorgeous! Congrats!

    do they have it in other colors? I've got too many bags in black.