Devil Wears Prada MJ bag ????

  1. a friend of mine is looking for the MJ bag that was given in the movie The devil wears Prada from Andy to her friend during a dinner.

    Does anyone happen to know the name of the bag???

    thanks in advance.
  2. this has been asked before. we should make a mj forum faq and this should be the second or third question!

    the bag is the large multipocket in denim.
  3. lol. What would the first question be tadpole?
  4. lol I tried to do a search but i must be blind cuz i cant even find the search button the TPF i know i have used it in the past but did it disapear???
  5. ^^ ahha, yea, the Search function has been disabled for the last couple of days (but feels like a month!)
  6. tried to think of something insanely clever, but failed. the first question would be something boringly pragmatic like 'what is the difference between mj and mbmj?"
  7. no tadpole it would be "is the stam classic or trendy?" :lol:

    and i know... i need the search function! mods, any word on when it might be back up?
  8. following closely by "what should i treat my bag with/ has anyone tried applegarde?"
  9. haha! you are absolutely right. touche.
  10. Yep! I have this bag, and it is indeed the denim Large Multipocket by Marc Jacobs.

    It's a great bag. I'll take some pictures when I get my digicam fixed. :smile: