Devil Wears Prada - Hermes question?

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  1. OK, so I love this movie... My bestfriend and I have a bet going (a Twilly is on the line). :smile:

    Here is the question: one scene in the movie, Emily says that "I called Martina (manager at Hermes) to open the store early to pick up some scarves for Miranda..."

    Does anyone know if there a manager named Martina at Hermes in NYC? I say, no it's a made up name.

    ....and I'm not calling the stores. I bet they got tons of calls after the movie:roflmfao:
  2. No idea...but since it was a book it might be in the book....I hope you get the twilly!
  3. I love the movie too! I watched it 3 times in the movie house since it's just a really nice entertaining film. I also love the clothes and, of course, PARIS!!!

    Anyway, to answer your question, I agree with shoes that the name of the store manager might be based more on the book than a real person ... but, who know? Maybe one of our NYC colleagues can help.
  4. Martina is not the manager at the New York location.
  5. Hope you win - the twilly.
  6. Such a great movie... we had some discussions about the hermes presence in another thread somewhere...

    anyway, dc-cutie - I hope you're doing well! Did you ever post a pic of your Birkin? I'm fairly obsessed these days... thinking of taking the plunge.