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    [​IMG] Exclusive: La Rue Women's Distressed Studded Handbag from The Devil Wears Prada Motion Picture
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    roduct Description
    Sassy styling in a hip and distinctive design, this unique asymmetrical handbag from La Rue offers the versatility of wearing it two ways: as a shoulder bag with a long strap, or by removing the strap and wearing the cutout strap over your shoulder and close to your body (or held in your hand). With a distressed look and matte brass studs embedded on the lower corners, this interesting-looking handbag is a fashion-forward addition to your spunky collection--and is sure to turn heads as well. A long, removable strap is adjustable, and the tassel decoration with metallic accenting can also be removed. Inside, a large zippered pocket will keep your small items separate. This stylish and modern handbag measures 12 inches wide by 19 inches tall, and 9 inches tall when folded over using the long strap.

    From the Manufacturer
    Own the La Rue bag designed by stylist Patricia Field that adorned the shoulder of ingenue Andrea Sachs in the daring adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. Distressed all over and studded at the corners, its foldover design and cutout handle make it uniquely versatile. The strap can be worn across the body for an on-the-go messenger-bag look, or used to secure the bag to one's body when the handle is looped over the shoulder (great for public transit!) Detach the strap completely to transform the bag into a chic clutch that can be grasped by the cutout handle or tucked under the arm. The metallic-accented tassel provides movement and visual interest during sashays down the sidewalk.

    • Measures 12 inches wide by 19 inches tall, and 9 inches tall when folded over
    • Features a tassel decoration with metallic accenting
    • Imported. Faux Leather
    • Internal zippered pocket
    • Long strap is both adjustable and removable
    Just saw a WWD article that said this is the number one selling item on Amazon....

  2. wow....differned, cheap and interesting, okay will buy it!

  3. Nice-looking bag - thank goodness the tassel is removable, though :biggrin:
  4. considering that Andrea's character is supposed to be hopelessly unfashionable, I find this funny. Personally, it's not my thing, but I can just picture Anna Wintour looking at it with disdain, so it's def. suitable for the movie imo!
  5. I don't like it because it is vinyl, not leather. If it was leather, I would be much more interested.
  6. I think so too. I can't bring myself to buy anything non-leather anymore, even if its cheap. I wish they had it in leather. I don't mind paying a little more for better quality.
  7. I want to see the grey Prada bag that "Miranda" carries in the film!
  8. Agree with Youngprof & TammyD. =)
  9. bummer! I was so ready to buy it! damn faux leather
  10. Eagerly looking forward to the movie! I think the bag would be great in leather - although it doesn't look like it holds much.
  11. no...don't care for that bag but I swear I saw a split-second clip of the movie where it looked like Anne Hathaway's character is carrying one of Kate Spade's moremi bags. If so, I have one from that line and I love it! I hope I'm right. It'll be nice to see my bag on the big screen!:rolleyes:
  12. No leather, no buying :noworry:

    Pity cause i think the design is brilliant. I might try to get it custom made in real leather.
  13. It's funny that Pat Field talks about how she designed it... but she really had no hand in it's design.