Devil Wears Prada Fashion Quiz

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  1. Has anyone been to the official website for The Devil Wears Prada?

    There is a fun fashion quiz called Fashion 101. I took it and got 2 wrong - but that was pretty lucky. I had to guess on some of the dates.

    Try it it's fun:
  2. Fun! Thanks for posting! I got 5 wrong.
  3. i'm kind of a fashion dunce when it comes to things before about yeah, i failed. hehe.

    fun though!
  4. Thanks for posting, that was fun! Even though I just about failed :shame:
  5. I got 14 out of 23 right. Ugh. Guess I need to brush up on my fashion.
  6. I got 83%! That was fun! Thanks for posting!
  7. Bleeachh...I got a 70%...oh well..looks like I need to get to the library...
  8. 16/23=70%!
  9. Yep, failed. But it was fun. And they let you "try again" to see what she says when you get them all right!
  10. I got 83%. I thought I could do better!
  11. i got 53% i think.... then i took the quiz again and I memorized all the answers.. lol lol
  12. ^haha!me too!
    i took the test twice and got all right!!:biggrin::lol::shame:
  13. I got one wrong but I had to guess some of the dates. Oh well. I really want to see the movie just for the clothes!
  14. Looks like I to learn something about the history of fashion. I got 65%.
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