Devil Wears Prada - Auction

  1. wow-too cool!!!!!
  2. sweet! thanks for the link!!
  3. Is there a Balenciaga bag listed on there? We might be able to actually finally figure out what the actual color of that bag was. :graucho:
  4. I wish!!!!
  5. Damn it - I am at work and therefore can't get on ebay! I will have to wait till I get home and have a look unless one of you ladies want to tell me what I am missing out on?? Please..
  6. I think I read somewhere that the items were going to charity?
  7. I saw that... I had no idea Meryl Streep was a size 8. She looks slimmer than that.
  8. wow...all those hermes scarves and cool jackets!!
  9. wow!! The prices and bids are going up, up, up!
  10. Thats pretty cool!

    And itts funny how the faux Harry Potter Book 7 is going up for so much. Its described as filled with "unintelligible text." :blink:

    Quite a few Silk Hermes scarves. Loves it!
  11. wow. that is so cool! but cant believe that someone would pay $150 and counting for a 'runway' magazine! :wtf:
  12. Thanks!!! Will be interesting to watch.
  13. yeah, all of the money is going to Dress for Success.

    very interesting to watch!
  14. did anyone buy anything?