Devi Kroell's $2500 sig Python Bag - $35 at Target

  1. I thought this was rather interesting. Apparently, Devi Kroell is doing a line of handbags for Target stores. In the July issue of Marie Claire, they show how they duplicated Kroell's $2590 signature python hobo bag for only $34.99. Sure, the quality is no where near the original, but if you like the look and don't mind that it's not actual python skin, this would be a nice substitute.
  2. interesting. thanks =)
  3. this thread definately caught my attention. hehe holy cows. target is beginning to carry the high end designers huh? also getting the good designers to make stuff for target. well, the design is there but not the quality. i'm not sure many have a taste for python he he he
  4. I hope the Devi Kroell bags will be offered in the stores & not just online (like the Perlina bags are). I'd want to see this bag in person before I decided whether or not I wanted to buy it. I wonder what other styles DK will make available??