Devi Kroell Sample Sale

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    For you lucky ones, the ones who are in NYC right now, you must check out the <strong>Devi Kroell Sample Sale</strong>! It is happening right now, in fact, began 23 minutes ago. It is being held today only, from 10 am - 6 pm at 670 Broadway (between Bond and Great Jones). Expect discounts up to 70% off. So go grab something amazing, from a very talented designer, while you can!
  2. ahhh, i love her bags.....but i'm stuck at work, i knew i should have take off work and drive to nyc.
  3. I had a horriable experance w/ their bag it was defective and they wouldn't do anything to solve the problem both managers are b.tches so anyone who goes please make sure you inspect what you buy carefully. Once they get your money they do not care!
  4. Hi
    where is the SALE in the boutique ? or where ? is there a number I can call ,,,,
    Please HELP ! I want a bag
  5. hi anyone ... bought a bag ! !!!!

    Can you help over her pls ....