Devi Kroell for Target!

  1. Anyone as excited as I am to see these bags IRL? Here is a preview:
  2. The large gold tote (bottom right) was featured in July's Lucky Magazine.
  3. I think the clutch was also featured in this months In Style. Prices range from $19.99 to $49.99, I think, and they will be in stores from July 15th to September something.
  4. I cannot wait! They look Sooooo adorable!
  5. I really like the hobo bag and the gold tote....right up my alley!
  6. thanx for sharing, glily!
  7. i also like the hobo. and LOVE target. I'll be first in line to see them ;)
  8. I actually dragged by poor kiddos all around town yesterday looking for these bags...I thought they were already in the stores.:p
  9. You're welcome!
  10. I love the gold tote!
  11. will they be on-line?
  12. This is truly fabulous news. Thanks for sharing. You are really on top of the Target scene!!!!
  13. Yes, according to the press release. :tup:
  14. what material are they? i hate how target will take a nice design by a brand like rafe and f it up by manufacturing it in pvc. :tdown:
  15. I totally understand what you are saying, but I think that is how they keep the prices low...the press release says they are made from "man-made materials".