Devi Kroell for Target bags - How are they aging??

  1. I'm just curious. These bags have been out for nearly 2 months now. Anyone own one that has used it regularly that can tell us how the bag has aged? Do the bags soften up as you use them (they seem so thick & stiff in the stores)? I thought about ordering the anthracite one online - I saw the gold ones in the store & liked how it looked hanging on my shoulder, but it was so stiff, I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not.

    If anyone has one of the hobo bags (esp in the anthracite color), and has been using it for a little while now - I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the bag has aged and how well it's held up.
  2. mine definitely has softened up. its held up pretty well so far. a tiny little thread on the inside of the lining loosened, but didnt come apart or anything. overall, i am satisfied.