Devi Kroell Bags

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  1. I happen to love her bags (I have the Red/Pink Roman Python). Love her shoes too, but with my big feet (can range from 10 to 11 - UGGH :sad2: ), I doubt that I'd be able to get into them!

    What do you gals think of her bags?
  2. I just got my first one this week! I got the cream colored Astrakhan fur one with the natural colored handle. Haven't started really carrying it (I don't want its first outing to be in the snow!), but I love to pet it.

    Where can you see an assortment of her shoes?
  3. love em! jessica simpson is seen carrying one on newlyweds
  4. The shoes are on her website - I've ordered from them before, the folks are wonderful and the shipping is very fast.
  5. ^^ I'll check it out. Thx!
  6. Reviving this thread to introduct my silver Devi bag at 6ft tall I love love love the humongous size. This hits me like mid thigh!

    Attached Files:

  7. Fabulous bag! Did you order it or buy it in the DC area? Really its stunning.
  8. Gorgeous bag!

    I love Devi Kroell python hobos.
  9. I love the design of the Classic Hobo...but I think it's a great shame that they, almost exclusively, use exotics and fur. :sad:

    If they made a stamped leather version of the classic Hobo (particularly in a dark metallic blue :heart: ), I would be very interested. :yes:

    BTW, I like this Crystal Wooden Clutch:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I also love the flat boots. They're amazing. Does anyone know if the shoes/bags are carried in any stores in NYC?
  11. They sell them at Barneys New York.
  12. Thanks Sonya, I've never seen them there - must have missed them.