Devi Kroell bag questions...please help =)

  1. Hii,

    I bought a Devi Kroell matte gold medium python hobo from JemznJewels...heard good things about them selling authentic designer handbags from this forum and other style boards.

    Well I received it today and was a tad worried that it wasnt brand new as described. I remember my first Devi Kroell had a structured feel to it and I had to put things in the bag to get the handles to sit on my shoulder properly and for it to fall into a hobo shape...this bag I just got fell into hobo shape immediately.

    Also--when you first buy the bag or even later on--do the python scales roll back? I dont recall this happening but I know some people had experienced that on their Chloe python silverado (though that never happened with mine--bronze metallic python silverado).

    And I noticed some speck of teeny black spots which seemed to have a gummy substance like glue feel to it...

    This is the bag I bought...and in the closeup pics it shows the scales a tad rolled...

    any thoughts would be great!!

  2. My python tote from Devi Kroell, the same style as yours, has some scales that are lifted and folded back. I understand that this is part of the painting process. My bag has plenty of body, it sits upright when empty but does slump if I put my things in it,
    I think yours is probably new.
  3. I would be careful with this shop as they sell fake LVs e.g.the Antigua tote and the only onlineshop which sells authentic LVs in the US is eluxury!
    Their Chloe Paddington look fake, too.
    They seem to mix real ones with fakes because they probably don't know the brands well.
    I would cancel asap and get your money back!
  4. Their site doesn't look very "professional" but they do have a lot of random stuff which leads me to believe that they're not getting their bags all from one purposely fake source, they just sell whatever they come by. However that in and of itself is a little risky. Unless they have a "handbag expert" that's able to authenticate each and every bag they may sell fakes and not even know it. To be on the safe side I would cancel/return it. Do you really want to risk spending $1,000 on a fake?... :tdown: