Devi Korell

  1. Who is Devi Korell ???
    Why did the price of the brand bags increase ?? from 50 dollars to thousands of dollars ???
    did it shift from ( Normal Brand) to Luxuy ? or what ?

    Is there a diffrence between "Devi Korell " & " Devi Korell for target " is it like the sport line !

    Attached is pic that shows the diffrenet prices !
  2. Devi Kroell " The Sophisticate behind that must-have hobo bag makes the cfda\vouge final :tup:

    First, Devi Kroell's outsize metallic python sacks became an instant hit with Hollywood. Then it was her shiny boots—Sienna Miller, for one, has been seen knocking about in them. Now this Swarovski's Perry Ellis Award-winner is making new fans with her extravagantly dyed fur vests. She stepped off the fast track for a moment to talk to

    how would you describe your accessories?
    Simple shapes in luxurious materials.

    what was your first fashion moment?
    That was when I was a baby, and my mother carried my diapers and my bottle in a huge alligator bag—very chic.

    who is your favorite designer, living or dead?
    One whom I admire tremendously is Tom Ford. I really respect what he did for Gucci, taking something old-fashioned and making it super-commercial and very trendy.… It's not just about making great clothing, it's also about seducing people, and getting people to go into your store and buy.

    what is the best trend of all time?
    Off the bat, I would say jeans, because ever since they were introduced, they've always been in.

    what is the best trend of spring 2007?

    what's the worst fashion faux pas?
    I don't think there is such a thing, because every faux pas helps you become a better fashion person. But I would say porn-star breasts.

    what was yours?
    I remember that one very clearly. It was the party the night before the CFDA Awards. I was wearing this vintage knitted golden dress. It is really beautiful, and it photographed completely see-through. Don't get that picture out!

    chanel or elsa schiaparelli? and why?
    I would have to say both, because Chanel is very much about functionality. On the other hand, Schiaparelli is more about fabulous embellishments. I use both. I am very functional when I design my things—for example, all of my shoes are comfortable—but I am also interested in adding the dream component.

    ultimate muse and why?
    I design for the modern woman, and there is no person that fits the bill. You can't always be perfect—there's no such thing.

    what would you be if you weren't a designer?
    A plastic surgeon.

    in what specific areas of business would you invest the $200,000 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award?
    I would invest it in people, human resources.

    if you didn't need the money for business, what would you do with it?
    Buy diamonds!

    The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund makes annual awards to up-and-coming designers to enable and encourage the recipients to pursue their business plans. Previous winners include Proenza Schouler and Trovata. This year's finalists are 3.1 Phillip Lim, Costello Tagliapietra, Devi Kroell, Doo.Ri, Jovovich-Hawk, Marchesa, Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Subversive Jewelry, and Thakoon. Between now and November 16, when the winner is announced, will be publishing a short Q&A with each of the finalists.

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  3. About ..
    Devi Kroell’s vision as a designer is as varied as her upbringing. As the daughter of a diplomat father, Kroell spent her childhood in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, France and Italy. While Kroell now considers herself to be a New Yorker, her diverse past is effortlessly incorporated into her designs each season. "Very much like New York, I try to take out the essences of all cultures." Each collection creates a perfect fusion of her nomadic past: the postmodern shapes associated with her native Austria, the snake skins of Indonesia, and the exquisite workmanship of the French and Italian.

    The Spring 2004 launch of Kroell’s premiere handbag collection was received with high praise from stores, magazines, celebrities and peers in the fashion industry. Soon after the premiere handbags were launched for the Spring 2004 season, the collection was picked up by such respected stores as Barneys New York, Browns, Jeffrey New York, and premium boutiques worldwide. She was instantly held in the highest regard in such publications as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and WWD, where she continues to be a favorite among top fashion editors and writers.

    In June of 2006 Kroell was honored at the CFDA Awards with the Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design. That same month she also opened her first retail boutique on Main Street in East

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  4. of the 2 bags posted the cheap one is fake leather and the expensive one is python so that explains the difference in price.
  5. I know that , you are right ! but is it normal that a brand who does a thousand dollars bags will also do a 50 dollar BAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think other designers have done lines for target too haven't they? I can only assume they get paid handsomely and they get ' exposure'
    Look at Anya hindmarch with her £5 bag in collaboration with sainsbury's. She's a household name now!
  7. Target is a large chain department store, but sells more everyday items, including groceries. It has recently recruited designers to make certain items especially for Target, in a lower price range so they are more accessible to the general public. Past and current designers include Luella Bartley, Tara Jarmon, Paul and Joe, Rafe, Isaac Mizrahi, etc. These promotions have been very popular. Here is the link to the press releases if you're more interested:

    Wow, I totally sound like I work for Target, :p (I don't).
  8. thanks ...
  9. Higher end designers have been designing affordable lines for Target lately. This is Target's latest designer that they have commissioned to design for them- It looks like you are not sure which price-point of Devi Kroell's came first and why two at different ends of the spectrum. The expensive python ones were her claim to fame and now Target has her designing much lower priced bags, not Python, for them. Hope that clears up the confusion.
    Anyone know if the Target line is out yet?
  10. It is TRES CHIC these days to be asked by Target to design a line. Same goes for TopShop in London, who asked Madonna, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss to design lines for them.
  11. I posted this a while ago - but it applies here:
  12. Devi Kroll was never cheap. She started out only doing high end snake skin bags that were never under $990. You must have her confused with someone else. Her stuff is to die for!
  13. I'm sure but also she desings a bags for target as i understood for cheap price
  14. I'm in Love with the classic hobo in ostirch & croco ..

    Wawoooo ,, But they really expensive ! it's more expensive than a Bottega Venta Ostrich bag !
    the Ostrich is around 6,000 $
    the Croco is more that 26,000$
    g25.jpg 008ClassicHoboLargeOstrichBeige.jpg
  15. Other than Isaac Mizrahi, all of these Target designer lines are limited, usually around 3 months. Then introduce the next designer!