devastated! :(

  1. MY PLANNER IS MISSING! I had this lovely Coach planner, pink leather...and now she's GONE. :crybaby: The worst part? I got her for a GREAT deal ($30 on LiveJournal). I had a gift certificate in there, a (small) check, my ticket confirmation for the Red Wings game on Saturday; not to mention I write my LIFE down :sad:

    My boyfriend and I have been searching all over for her, but I fear I might have left her somewhere and she could have been STOLEN.:crybaby:

    I even have my name and phone number written down, so if she had been found I would think that someone would have the decency to call!

    I hate the thought of buying a new one, especially since I got my last one at such a deal. My boyfriend said he'd buy me one if we don't find her soon, but...I miss her.

    Anyone else lose a Coach something that was near and dear to them?
  2. Man, I hope you find it!
  3. :sad: Oh no! Good luck, my fingers are crossed for ya that the right person found it. It is the holiday season...hopefully that person has the right spirit.
  4. Hope you find your planner. Sorry this happened to you.
  5. So sorry! Hopefully she'll turn up soon! I would definitely call all the places you've been. Sometimes, they just keep things behind the desk and don't even take the time to look inside! Wishing you lots of luck!:tup:

    P.S. Yes, I lose things all the time.. Fortunately, they keep popping back up. ( I even drove through the car wash with my credit card on top of my car, and I was called the next day! :rolleyes:So, Yes!!! there is always hope!!
  6. I lost a wristlet once that I loved and couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I was even to the point where I thought my mom took it when she was visiting(she kept bugging me for it) And then about 2 weeks ago I found it, cleaning out the closet underneath the stairs. lol..... I'm sure she'll turn up. When you panic it's always the last place you look!!
  7. Aw I'm so sorry!! I hope she turns up!
  8. I hope it turns up. That sucks so much when something you love goes missing. I'm sure you'll find it!
  9. im so sorry this is happening to you

    i really hope it turns up i wish you all the best !
  10. Ugh i understand the agony. When I was in college I had the Tiffany necklace that my late grandmother gave me for high school graduation stolen from my dorm room. For the longest time I searched and searched for it, thinking I must have misplaced it. 2 years later and I still havent found it but it still bothers me :crybaby: i hope you find your planner soon. Try thinking of where you may have used it last. Could you have pulled it out at a restaurant? on the bus? did you switch bags? if you can remember what the last thing was that you wrote down in it you might remember where you were when you did it. good luck
  11. I'm so sorry! I hope that you find your planner soon!
  12. i'm sorry i hope you find it soon...start calling the places you think you could have left it
  13. If it was one of your own personal checks in the planner you better notify your bank. I had given a freind one of my personal check for something I owed her for and her purse was stolen. I thought I could just call and put a stop payment on the check-no big deal, but no, my bank advised me i had to close teh account and have them open me a new book # on my checks. What a hassle as checks were still outstanding. The bank told me if a person gets a hold of my check they could if they are a criminal print fake checks with the banking information which appears on my check and have a field day. They said this happens more then one would think what with all the good personal printers out there. So better safe then sorry.
  14. I hope you find it! Try retracing your steps and you'll probably find it. Good luck!
  15. Oh no, I'm sorry :sad:

    I hope it turns up soon, good luck!