Devastated ! My new dior gaucho aint mine anymore...

  1. well im sorry that i will be ranting but nobody else will understand me ! :sweatdrop: i bought this fantastic gaucho medium on eBay for a fantastic price and i was hoping it will be here for new year`s so that i can party away with her ! instead i found a paypal refund mail ... the seller had her reasons to cancel the transaction but she should have checked it in the first place before even making an auction for the bag ... i think im just gonna save up a week or two more and get a brand new one its not worth the hassle ... but i was so happy and waiting for it so much ! i bought sky blue b bag instead which made me smile a bit but still ... WHY ?:crybaby: new years wont be the same now ...
  2. and its not even available anymore online ... how cruel is that ! ? :sweatdrop:
  3. aw, I'm sorry you're disappointed.
  4. Awww...sorry about that. I'm sure you'll find another Gaucho for a fantastic price, though :biggrin:
  5. :sad: similar thing has happened to me on eBay

    good luck :yes:
  6. Sorry for that nataliam1976 :crybaby: . Hey you can look at the bright side, at least you weren't scammed. Which gaucho was it? I check eBay from time to time and if I see it, I'll let you know. Good luck.
  7. awww, I am sorry! But like you said save a little more, and get yourself a brand new one! You will love it even more.
  8. Please please if you see it anywhere online let me know its a white gaucho medium bag i`ll be so grateful!
  9. i'm so sorry to hear that nataliam! :sad:
    on the bright side, you still have your gorgeous red gaucho to shower all your love on! and i'll definitely be keeping an eye out on ebay for a white medium gaucho for you.
  10. thank u so much zerodross! i found one in Neiman Marcus online and im waiting now for them to quote me the custom charges and shipping costs keep fingers crossed so that the price doesnt make my heart stop ! :p
  11. OH! LV1011 (another PFer) was selling a white medium Gaucho for $575 (or less, I don't remember exactly, but it was a STEAL!), and it didn't sell last time! If you want, send her a personal message and ask her if she's still selling's in perfect condition and you can be sure it's authentic, too :nuts:
  12. Guess what dear i actually found that somewhere on forum and sent her a message via ebay as nobody bought it off her but then i discovered she was banned from the PF ! so now i dont know what to do if she answers ...:crybaby:

  13. but then if u say its authentic then maybe i could tempt myself...:yes:
  14. lv1011 has sold that gaucho to another PFer already and from what i know, she's been banned (although i don't know the reasons why). i remembered her mentioning that she sold the gaucho because i brought it up when she was talking about the poor sales of her chanel bag.
  15. ah well neiman marcus it is then , unless a miracle happens ... thanks anyway Girls ! :yes: